What's New?

7 Nov 1999
Update the index page and create the games FAQ, heroes page, food page and music page.
8 Sep 1999
Update my email addresses to carlmuller@hotmail.com. Put in a brief piece about Shigeru Miyamoto.
17 July 1999
OK, finally update the main site. The site has become just like I feared - years out of date! I remember starting up the site and thinking, "No, I will be a good boy, and keep my site up to date, not like these lazy net denizens". And it happened to me too! And now my PC has lost 90% of its value - I can't even run new PC games, so web page editing is all it's good for.
14 July 1999
Update some more pages on the local site. I really must update the actual site - it is over two years out-of-date!
13 Jan 1999
Update a few of the pages on the site.
3 Oct 1998
Boy is this site out of date! When I have updated it locally, then I can resynchronise with the site at Frontier.
Start editing the site using Symantech VisualPage 1.0 (courtesy of PC Plus magazine) - a very nice editor, but it has a few quirks, which I am sure I will get used to..
24 Jan 1997
Update the rants page, and split off a raves page and a cuties page.
6 Dec 1996
Update Stuttgart page (since I didn't make it) :-(
Add rants page.
22 Sep 1996
Add Stuttgart and Carnivals pages.
I really need to update this stuff more often!
31 Jul 1996
Reorganise my web site to use frames.
23 Jul 1996
Add some text to Manchester trip page. Still needs more!
3 Jul 1996
Add pictures to second Paris trip page. Still needs more text though!
Add pictures to Manchester trip page. Still needs some text!
26 Jun 1996
Add second Paris trip page.
17 Jun 1996
Add reference to Colditz Castle 950th anniversary.
8 Jun 1996
Write Orlando page
Add 'been there done that' page.
21 May 1996
Add C64 Utilities
9 May 1996
Wrote St. Petersburg text.
Tidied up C64 page.
Added some flags and background colour.
22 Apr 1996
Updated St. Petersburg text.
19 Apr 1996
Updated Rome text, and future destinations.
Tidy up index page.
16 Apr 1996
Wrote future destinations.
Updated personal details.
Uploaded Rome text and pictures.
9 Apr 1996
Fixed Colditz reference.
Wrote some Rome text.
26 Mar 1996
Added Ivan Rebroff tour dates.
25 Mar 1996
Edited Probe page.
24 Mar 1996
Added some icons.
Put in some placeholders for future holidays.
Added picture of myself.
28 Feb 1996
Added some links to the links page.
Added sound samples to the Rebroff pages
23 Feb 1996
Added What's New page
Added Austin anecdote
Added Probe and Acclaim links
Various dates
Added holiday pages
Added Commodore 64 page
Added Ivan Rebroff pages
16 Jan 1996
Created this web site

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