Tasty Food

Have you tried all these foods? If not, why not (apart from religious or vegetarian reasons obviously!) If they all seem way too obvious to you, remember that some people haven't even heard of custard! All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


Porridge with milk and brown sugar. (Scots, but sweet instead of with the traditional salt).

McDonald's sausage and egg McMuffin. (Based on an English breakfast).

Muesli with yoghurt (Swiss).

Vegemite on Toast (New Zealand).

Savoury Snacks

Pretzels (German, not the American kind).

Bagel with cream cheese (Yiddish)

Cheese and bacon on toast.

Buffalo Mozzarella with Lee & Perrins spice (made with Worcester sauce). On bread if you must. (Me).

Sweet Snacks

Yoghurt with Honey (Greek).

Waffles with sugar and cream (Belgium).

Light Meals

Stilton, chestnut and something else bake (English)

Pie, mash and liquor (parsley sauce) (London)

Burritos (Mexico)

Pork Kebabs. Hardly authentic, but tasty! (Germany of course).


Humus with Pita bread (Arabic, but also liked by some Turks and Greeks).

Peppers stuffed with rice and ricotta cheese (Balkan?)

Fois Gras on hot bread (French)

Garlic Bread. There are many different ways of preparing this (toasting, baking, frying, grilling etc), but Garlic & Shots does it the best for my money (Sweden).


Stilton and Almond (English)

Lentil, boiled egg and sour cream (Russian - I forget the proper name).

Borsht (beetroot) (Ukraine and others)

Stracciatella (egg and cheese) (Italian)

Mulligatawny (Indian).

Main Meals

Hangi (earth cooked pork, chicken, sweet potato) (New Zealand)

Roast Hoggett (a year older than lamb) (New Zealand)

Chicken Adobo (cooked in Soy Sauce) (Philipines)

Tempura (Portuguese import to Japan)

Rabbit wrapped in bacon.

Shepherd's pie (with Lamb. Note to packaged food manufacturers: If it was meant to be made with beef it would be called Cowboy's pie)

Fish & Chips with Wattie's Tomato Sauce. (No other sauce is as good).

Pork chop grilled with Danish blue cheese and Cajun spices (me).


Chicken Saag (cooked with Spinich) (Indian).


Creme Brulee (English west country, although the French might disagree)

Pavlova (Australian, based on French meringue)

Rhubarb and custard (English)

Hokey Pokey Ice-cream (New Zealand)


Lemon & Paeroa (New Zealand)

Baileys, Cointreau & Galiano (on ice) (add milk if you must).

Evaporated milk, drinking chocolate powder, whiskey and nutmeg.

Or cream, cocoa, brandy and cinnamon (mix & match).

Chocolate mint milkshake (www.vagabonds.co.uk)

Homemade passionfruit milkshake.

Diet Coke (for caffeine and phenylanaline).

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