Really bad C64 games

It seems this is the most popular page on my site (not that that's saying much!) - perhaps I should put a freebie emulator up here.

In my youth I had a C64, and wrote lots of really bad C64 games, which were never published. If you really want, you can download them from here, and play them using an emulator. I think Win64 associates itself with T64 files, but it doesn't seem work properly on the version I have. So save the linked files to disk and load them from your emulator later.

These files are all in .T64 format. Note that Win64 Beta V0.1 has overly enthusiastic sprite-to-background collision detection, which makes the games a lot harder than they used to be!

As for putting the number one smash hits Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles or Speedball 2 up here (which are infinitely better than this rubbish), sorry, but no chance. Ask the Bitmap Brothers nicely.

You may want to download this zip file of all the games, or you can download them individually.

Here are some c64 utilities for MS-DOS - an assembler, dis-assembler and BASIC list program.

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