Wow, a visitor! It's not like I receive much fanmail for the games I've written. :-(

OK, so make like Oscar Wilde with the witty comments then.

Hey, who needs literary genius when there are special codes to describe all your personal details?
Smurf codeGay site S5g+l+y-z--n+ox-a+u(-)v-j++
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Geek Code GCSd?p-c++l-u--e-m++s/+n-hf+g+w++t+y++(*)

Brief autobiography

I was born in New Zealand in 1970. After moving house many times, I happened to be on Turtle Island in Fiji when the movie Blue Lagoon was shot with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins . The island (also known as Nanuya Levu) is owned by Richard Evanson, an American millionaire who now operates it as an exclusive resort.

After moving back to Waitara in New Zealand and getting a degree from Massey University I got a job writing NES games at Beam Software in Melbourne .

This was so much fun I moved to the UK to write more games, for the C64 and SNES. After being disenchanted with the games industry I moved into engineering programming work. I now write computer telephony software for Lucent Technologies.

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