Stuttgart trip

November 1996

Hearing the news that Germany has decided to enter the 20th century, I wanted to visit to help them celebrate. Unfortunately I was too busy (and also temporarily financially embarressed) so I'll have to wait for another day.

What was the occasion, you may wonder (as if I need an excuse to party?) Well, on November 1st 1996 shops in Germany were allowed to open in the evenings and on Saturday. Admittedly, the shops here in Croydon are open seven days a week, and shops in London (such as Tower Records) have been open until midnight for some time, but we have to give Germans credit for the progress they have made!

OK, so why Stuttgart? Well, I haven't been there before, and also over half the Germans I meet travelling are from Baden-Wurtemburg (the state surrounding Stuttgart). I want to see what it is they are all getting away from! And the Black Forest is the heart of the German sensibility: those tales by the Brothers Grimm are often set in forests, as are the latest in German porno films (or so I hear).

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