Leeds trip

December 1995

I took the train up to Leeds for the uk.gay-lesbian-bi Gay site party, on 15th December 1995, hosted by John *G* and Hussy. There wasn't a huge amount of people there, but there were one or two cuties. Let's see if I can get permission from some of them to put their piccies up here. Otherwise they look a bit silly with white circles over their faces!


In the mean time, here is a censored piccie of Hussy at the laptop while the party rages... You can still clearly see Philip's Russian hat :-)

Grant and Adrian

Here's a piccie of Grant and Adrian.


And some guy who's not even on the net. :-(

The afternoon before the party I went to the old town hall to join in the carol singing with the Mayor.

The morning after, I visited Leeds museum, which held a great variety of different exhibits, and the Tetley Brewery experience, which was great fun - a guided tour of brewing through the ages.

Leeds View of central Leeds

Canal Leeds canal

Shops Leeds shops

Town hall Leeds town hall

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