Week Three

Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Dolomites


Wet. A unique city - enchanting. An entire town made out of alleyways, intersected by canals, with an azure lagoon providing a setting for many other islands, all with their own character. Local food basically comes from the sea, which is not my preference.



Excellent food. I arrived a few weeks late for the gay pride celebrations, but I saw a protest in the main square anyway! The town's finest had turned out for a meeting about Bosnia, calling for them to stop the slaughter. I don't know how this was meant to be achieved, but the speakers certainly got very animated.

My sandcastle


A beach, and an incredible disco in the hills.

Florence David





The most peaceful and beautiful place I saw in Italy.

Nice beach


Lovely Old Town.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Expensive. Incredibly nice beaches, but I arrived too late to swim (I had nowhere to lock my bag and clothes). The toilet at the train station was notably the worst one I have seen in Europe, being third-world in style, (i.e. squat down) but less clean.

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